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When I work  with a body that has a problem, I always envision what that body would be like with the problem gone.  I find that, if the client and I are in good rapport, their body will begin rapidly to change to match my vision. I’ve called it ~the authority factor~.  Clearly there is something going on here involving our ability to change rapidly if we could only turn off the programs that are running within us. This is what NeuroMuscular Reprogramming focuses on.

Two people have joined me on my path of the Resurrection of My Body.  Step one on the path to the Resurrection of the Body is to identify what is going on in your body that is not the way you want it to be. Make a list of all the things you want to change.

Describe for yourself the goals you have for your body. What does it want to feel like? Look like? Do for fun? Do for exercise?  After you write this down we will look at things to shift to begin bringing about your desired outcome.

If you would like to join us on the path to resurrect your bodies, send an email to  with your intention to join us and I’ll be in touch.


Springtime FlowersIt’s Spring and my favorite time of year: Easter, Beltane, a time of resurrection, fecundity and new growth! All the flowers are coming on in the garden and mother Gaia is moving and expanding in an extravagance of aliveness; a burgeoning exuberance of re-creation.

After the stressful events of the last few years since 2008, my body was breaking down; my abundant good health was finally collapsing in some serious symptoms.  I felt OLD. I found myself depleted and in need of repair. Who would like to join me in the Resurrection of the body? We can draw upon the energy of Spring to put new initiatives in motion.

We can share what we’re doing and what’s working and offer support in staying focused; keeping ourselves on the priority list in life. Let’s find a balance where life moves gracefully toward all of our goals simultaneously; where no body is left behind…

The Resurrection – Step 1: Listen to your inner messages.
I have heard many messages from my inner voice before and not acted upon them. I think I’ll just begin writing down what my inner voices are saying today!

My inner voices are telling me: We are never too old to change. Just because I am broken now, it doesn’t have to be this way. So I started in with the excellent resources at the Healus Neuro Rehab Center to make some changes in my OWN body after all these years of helping others. (Who do you have in your community who can tune YOUR body up and get it ready for action? What is the easiest step you could take this week to move with intention in the direction of your desires?)

First I am correcting the collapse of my structure that has resulted from lack of activity and too much work leaning forward and working hard with my arms. I’m very encouraged to notice that my body is adapting quickly to new information in the form of NeuroMuscular Reprogramming, and new activities such as yoga and dancing and Dynamic Walking.

My inner voices are telling me other things I need to change, like my caffeine habit and eating in the evenings, and not making self care a priority. This sacrifice of self for the benefit of others, our families, friends and work is a common story for most of us. I’ve spent many years with job and family and obligations and ambition in the priority position at considerable cost. It’s time to resurrect my old self, an energized, strong, enthusiastic, undaunted me.

How about you? What would you like to undertake for you?  How can we support each other?  Contact me at and we’ll compare notes on the journey.

Jocelyn Olivier, Director
Healus Neuro Rehab Center

Dynamic Walking

For over 25 years I have used Dynamic Walking to keep me pain free, warding off debilitating sciatic pain that had resulted from my scoliosis. The ‘gift’ of my disability became a fulfilling career in movement and dance therapy that grows richer every year.
I developed the Dynamic Walking method in 1985 and have taught many others to optimize the conditioning effects of walking to relieve neuromuscular pain and imbalances. And it’s FUN! You can condition as you enjoy time with nature and your friends.
Our bodies are not designed for a sedentary lifestyle – hours spent in a car or at a desk with our world narrowed to what’s in front of our face – as I’m doing typing this right now. Modern life gets us bent out of shape. When I walk dynamically, I have the opportunity to dissolve those kinks and torques.  And since it’s estimated we each take over 4,000 steps a day, exclusive of exercise walking, we have lots of opportunity – once we know what we are doing.
When the cumulative effects of age, structural imbalance and an exuberant lifetime of athletics and dance took its toll and resulted in unremitting pain, threatening my career and my happiness, I turned to Jocelyn Olivier, a trusted colleague of many decades.
Her skilled hands began to address the neuromuscular re-patterning I needed, unlocking dysfunctional coordination patterns and installing efficient ones.
Teaching you the biomechanics of efficient walking will be my pleasure so you too can enjoy pain free stability through doing an ordinary thing: WALKING!
Based on our success in blending NMR and Dynamic Walking, Karin and I are teaming up to offer it to you.
This team teaching, cross-disciplinary approach will give you fundamental self-healing tools to reboot your coordination system, recalibrate your nervous system and extend your benefits from NMR. You will find a new elegance and ease rooted in biomechanical efficiency when walking and exercising.
We look forward to your joining us.
Suki Munsell, Ph.D., RMT, RME

photo16Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to our attitude and energy level. Yet sleep in our older years tends to become elusive as our stress hormones are no longer mediated by the abundance of estrogen we had in younger years. When hormone levels fall, muscles harden, exacerbating migraines and tension.


Here are some natural ways to help you relax for deep sleep:

Hot baths before bed are notoriously effective in relaxing hypertension and regulating deep relaxation. Taken before bed, a bath can produce a relaxation effect within 20 minutes by dilating blood vessels and reducing blood pressure when cortisol levels wake you with worrisome or anxious thoughts.

Hold points on your governing meridian. Before going to sleep at night lie on your side and touch the spot at the very top of your head with one hand, and your tailbone with the other hand. Take slow, deep breaths, counting to four on the inhale, and four on the exhale. Imagine your breath filling your torso, and then sinking behind you, through your back and into the space behind you. You can also trace your mind up and down your spine, slowly, from top to bottom. This exercise helps to unwind tension, stress, and spinal trauma. With regular practice, you will definitely see the quality and quantity of your sleep improve.

Have a family member or friend hold your adrenal points. Two reflex points will release your adrenal stress before you go to sleep, enabling you to sleep more readily and more deeply. Once your partner finds the points, no pressure is needed. Just touching and holding those points will bring the system to equilibrium and put you to sleep.

The Adrenal Stress Points:treatment
The location of the first point is on our shoulder blade 1″ from the medial border nearest the spine, and 1″ down from the top edge of the bone. If you touch the blade with 2 to 3 fingers, you can’t miss it, as it will be tender to the touch upon pressure. The second point is halfway down the back of the hand, between the 3rd and 4th hand bones (ring and little finger). Hold the points for 1-3 minutes on each side of the body or until you feel pulsation under your fingertips.

With a little attention and regularity, these simple steps will have you sleeping through the night and awakening fully restored and rejuvenated!