Pre-paid Treatment Plans


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Integrated Tune Up  – ITU  Recommended treatment plan for a problem that’s been around for several years and has multiple issues or is the result of repeated injuries .  An ITU gives you an extra $150 in value on top of what you pay.  A person in good physical condition who responds well to treatment and has a self care exercise routine will usually be able to get to their desired freedom from symptoms with this short package.

Major Tune Up  – MTU Recommended for those with multi system breakdown or physical issues that are decades long.  Usually a person with this level of disorganization has built strong compensation patterns in order to cope and there are layers of disorganization.  As the first layer peels off a whole new view will show us what is next to tune up.  Sometimes many approaches to tissue work and conditioning need to be followed up at home by way of Restorative Breathing, Brain Function Facilitation, and at home activities to help the body integrate and learn new strategies for coping that are more energy efficient and less demanding and stressful.

A Year of Transformation  – is more than a couple of  Major Tune Ups.  Committing to giving your body what it needs after many years of trying perhaps with less than satisfactory results can take a long time and a lot of patience.  But improvement CAN happen. It takes a combination of Myofascial teardown of adhesions, NeuroMuscular Reprogramming of coordination dysfunctions, frequently de-stressing the nervous system with Brain Function Facilitation and Breathing modifications.  With patience and persistence you have the rest of your life to enjoy more energy, restored range of motion, the ability to move and exercise once again, and freedom from the anxiety of having your body not available to you to do the things you enjoy in life like pain free sitting, walking, dancing, traveling, biking, and your other favorite passtimes.  You owe it to your body to help it help you get around.