Tuballz + Video (includes $7 shipping)


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Tuballz + Video (includes $7 shipping)

Practitioners can buy 10 or more Tuballz wholesale to sell to their clients as an additional income stream. For volume discounts and pricing call the Healus Neuro Rehab Center clinic to set up an account: (415) 388-9945.

Tuballz   For years we’ve been telling our clients “Get two tennis balls and put them in a sock.  Here’s a handout that explains what to do.”  We will still do that for you when you come in for treatment.  But what if you live too far away?  You can buy Tuballz, our indestructible version (washing machine safe and even your dog will not tear it apart), with a DVD that explains each step to reprogramming the movement coordination of your own low back and hips. A gentle movement activity aimed to retrain your coordination system — perfectly safe when used as described.

The Common Story of Back Pain
Weakness in the back muscles causes the hips to tighten up to support upper body activities. Tight hips can cause sciatic pain and a twisted pelvis and knee pain, even shoulder pain. A Dysfunctional back muscles cause hip, knee, ankle. foot and even shoulder pain.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t working right. Muscles that are too tight are achey and painful. Muscles that are weak are sore, another kind of painful. Joints that don’t move correctly are painful. Â Correcting the motor patterns governing coordinated movement causes pain to diminish or disappear.

Exercise and conditioning alone will not strengthen a muscle that is inhibited or weak. Inhibited muscles do not receive neurological messages when they are sent. Exercising them develops good compensation patterns. It will help but not correct the problem.

What causes muscle inhibition?
Anytime a muscle is tense or in spasm, it causes inhibition in other muscles involved with it. Overwork, repetitive motions, or past injuries can all result in chronic muscle inhibitions that keep you stuck in old pain patterns.

The best approach to strengthen weak muscles is:
First: Reprogram the coordination to correct the biomechanics with NMR and Tullballz, then strengthen the muscles using conditioning activities. This is the best approach to correcting chronic and acute pain anywhere in your body. 

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming NMR and the use of Tuballz will correct the movement coordination dysfunctions causing most low back and hip pain.