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NMR Practitioner

BodyTrippin’ Massage Chicago

  • Certified NMR Practitioner
5115 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Illinois, USA 60640
2656 W. Montrose Avenue, Illinois, USA 60618

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified NMR practitioner based in the Chicago area who has been continually refining the art and science of human movement for over 10 years.  I have provided many massage therapy clients with excellent, effective, safe, and intuitive sessions since 2006.   Before discovering the extraordinary world of bodywork, I taught Physical Education and Health at the elementary and middle school levels, and I have always maintained an uncompromising passion for learning about more holistic and alternative ways to keep the human body healthy. 

I believe in a multi-faceted approach to client discomfort, pain, and posture concerns. This allows me to work individually with each client in identifying the root causes of pain or other symptoms he or she may be experiencing.   During my tenure at a leading medical fitness facility in Chicago, I have assisted many clients through massage-including obsessed distance runners, athletes training for triathlons, seniors, high school athletes, overworked desk job employees, weekend warriors, and patients suffering from medical issues such as nerve disorders, orthopedic challenges, circulatory problems, chronic pain, stroke survivors, and those undergoing physical therapy.   

In my massage therapy sessions, I skillfully apply a wide variety of therapeutic massage techniques for removing soft tissue adhesions, reducing aches and pains, improving athletic performance, and promoting stress relief through general relaxation.

For clients seeking to maintain an essential level of total body wellness, I also design custom posture alignment therapy correction programs consisting of an exercise and stretching routines intended to identify and address each individual’s visible compensations and structural deviations in order to restore balance and correct alignment as it relates to aches, pains, and limitations.  The ultimate goal is to restore the body’s full range of motion, prevent injuries, enhance body awareness, prevent pain, and improve performance.



I am a nationally certified (NCBTMB) and licensed massage therapist in the State of Illinois.  I studied my craft at the COMTA-accredited Chicago School of Massage Therapy using the outstanding clinical massage curriculum developed by industry pioneer Bob King.  I am an insured and registered member in good standing with Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), and Thai Healing Alliance International (THAI).



I hold a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin, a B.S. in Kinesiology and K-12 teacher certification in Physical Education and Health from Elmhurst College, and personal trainer and weight training certifications through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  I have additionally completed the PAS-II training in posture alignment therapy through The Egoscue Method ®, and I received a diploma from the Chicago School of Thai Massage's six-month program.

In 2008, I began work as an adjunct instructor at a local college and helped to revise the massage therapy curriculum with the intention of helping future massage therapists apply the skills needed as a therapist in today’s alternative healing climate.

In 2014, I began studying with Jocelyn Olivier, a reknowned master bodyworker from Mill Valley, CA, who offers courses in a modailty known as NeuroMuscular Reprogramming.  This is a completely different type of bodywork that is a great three-dimensional approach to get to the root of dysfunction and pain, and I am excited to share some new bodywork techniques with you.  NMR is a somewhat detailed and thorough structural approach which uses muscle testing to assess imbalances in coordination, and advanced techniques to correct dysfunctional coordination patterns at their source: the motor control center in the brain.  For more information on what this is about, feel free to click here.

As of March 2016, I am a fully certified NMR practitioner.



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