“NMR is a true innovation in the field of bodywork and physical therapy.” Jerry Goynias PT, Medical Massage School, Raleigh, NC.

Great work! It doubled my work!  NMR was what drew me to this school, and I was not disappointed.Paul Burke

“As both a client and a referring pain management professional, I have observed remarkable progress and musculoskeletal pain relief through NMR. It can provide a real sense of progress and new hope to chronic pain patients.”Sande Kiriluk, MFT

I’ve been having a grand time! The changes and advances that I have been witnessing in my clients are really quite exciting, to them as well.  I am so inundated with work that I have had to make a statement on my website to the effect that at the present time I am not accepting new clients.  I raised my price too — no one complains.  They just pay more and keep coming… In my wildest dreams I never thought I would get to this point. Ellie Smith, Lebanon, Missouri

“I have taken a NKT level one workshop and the whole 72 hr. NMR professional training. In my opinion, this is such a sophisticated piece of work that it requires a more detailed approach.  I found that in the NMR training.  NKT was not detailed enough for me to grasp the concepts.  Why/How this principle or that principle worked was not at all apparent, so it was challenging to use in my massage practice. NMR helped me to connect the concepts together and that has added tremendous excitement to my work every day. I also appreciated a smaller class size, because it allowed me to have a lot of access to the instructor”Mila Hutchinson, San Francisco, California

“The progress that my client and I are making in normalizing his body is phenomenal, and both of us are excited and pleased with what is happening.   When I watch him walk up my front walk the change in his body stance, the lightness of his step is a joy to my heart!    What a change!  .. It is getting easier and easier to incorporate NMR into sessions.  It really does make deep tissue massage almost irrelevant… People who are used to it are amazed at the painless results. .. It certainly makes sessions go fast, too.  I feel like a detective, looking for clues and solving mysteries and the time just flies by.   The best part is when people get up feeling better right away.   Of course, they aren’t “mended” in one session, not when they have years of patterning to overcome.   But there is almost always a visible and internally observable shift immediately.  Just the hope that they can feel better and find their way out of pain is huge.  Thanks, Jocelyn!   I am so glad I decided to invest in this class.” Ellie Smith, Lebanon Missouri

“With the 2 years of experience in bodywork that I have personally…. it’s the only work that’s truly helped correct mechanical dysfunctions in my body!”Patricia Gallivan LMT Riding Instructor, North Carolina

“I really like NMR because it something you can teach pretty much anyone.” Theresa Costello PT, North Carolina

“I wanted to thank you for the advanced neck class last month. I appreciated the material and spending some time under your tutelage again after many years! Your work/teachings have contributed SO much to my life, and through my offerings, to the well-being of hundreds more over the past 12 years. The extent of your reach is immense. I hope to return for more classes again soon.
With gratitude and blessings,” Kari

“I have learned a lot from the NMR courses that I have taken with you and it has been the best money I have spent on education; well worth it. I have been using it on a regular bases and it opens up a lot opportunities for me. Thank you.”Dmitriy Gmyr, Physical Trainer

“Taking NMR was everything I thought it would be, as I had high expectations after having learned and used many other “muscle testing” modalities with great success over the last 15 years. But it seemed that, as happy as my clients were being pain free, greater range of motion etc.. I felt as if I were missing something as some of my clients were coming back with similar (if not the same symptoms) upon their return visit. The sloped shoulders continued, the hard paraspinals stayed rock hard, ROM did not improve. So I decided to go to the source of this art with Jocelyn Olivier who has over 40 years of experience creating and refining NeuroMuscular Reprogramming NMR.

Things I appreciated about the class-

Small class size…  The classes were limited. There were 5 TA’s per class and 2 students per table. Each had a T.A. The quality control was key. The TA’s made sure that you learned the precise angles of which the muscle tests were to be performed. If they did not know a question, Jocelyn was within earshot and accessible.

The design…  The basic design of the course was logical and built on the progression of the previous lesson…although the basic concept of NMR is easy it can get quite complicated as there are numerous combinations that can be tested. I felt everyone in the class left with a basic understanding on how to apply the tests accurately and successfully in their practices. And a few “protocols” were provided to help students begin logically, and efficiently utilize NMR with their clients so they could realize the benefits of moving and feeling better immediately.

Technique….  What I found most helpful of all was how to “feel” with NMR.  Jocelyn was pulling, rotating, and using end feel of ROM on limbs, torso, neck and spine. She was palpating areas of tightness or flaccidity and teaching us how to use this approach as our guide. Literally, muscles that needed puffing, “puffed up” and rock hard ones let go and became more pliable . You could visually discern a difference in seconds. I would not have believed it if I did not see it. I also appreciate that she is always there to get back to any questions I may have on particularly difficult issues and or clients and things to look for that I may not have thought of, or tried. I can tell you after applying NMR on my clients, after re coordinating or re-patterning how their bodies move, I am seeing more of my clients able to maintain their posture more efficiently with less resistance, less tension, and less discomfort.”Lionel Martin, Madison, WI

NMR Testimonial- “Overall, NMR has definitely made a big difference in my capacity to have results for my clients in my practice. NMR has given me access to finding innovative and effective solutions for my clients.  As a direct result of the NMR training, I now have the capacity to see with new eyes and comprehend and correct structural imbalances in my clients.  My bodywork practice has taken on a new level of adventure and satisfaction as I work in partnership with my clients. Looking forward to continuing to grow and learn as a bodyworker. Thank you!”  Patricia Hatfield