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Practitioner Resources

Submit or Manage your
NMR Practitioner Listing


To submit a NEW listing or manage a CURRENT listing in the Practitioner Directory, you must first register an account.  Select REGISTER ACCOUNT under menu tab MY ACCOUNT, then you can add or edit your listing under MY DIRECTORY. No credit card required, and the listing and search service are free.

To see if you are already listed in the Directory but possibly under a different login, please search for yourself on the EXPERIENCE NMR page.



This is if you see your own listing that we already “onboarded” on your behalf, and wish to edit and improve it.  At the top of the page of your individual Directory listing there is a button titled: “Is this your listing?”.  This opens the “Directory Login” page, to let you fill out a short form to send the listing owner of record, based on the email we already have for your listing.  (NOTE: If the listing contact email on the listing is no longer valid so you cannot access it, please contact or send us an email  CONTACT). 

When you, the listing owner on the current listing email, receives the authorization request email – just click to approve – and your recently or newly registered user account on the website is now associated to your own listing, and you now own your listing and can edit and add to it with no further moderator pre-approval needed.



Any NMR trained professional can submit a new listing to the Directory, which has to be approved by the moderator before it will appear. At minimum you must already have, or be purchasing, at least one NMR qualification course to appear in the Directory.  On the main Find NMR Practitioners search page or any individual listing, and if you are logged in, click “Submit a new listing” opens the “Directory Listing Submit” page, which allows you to create and save your listing.

Video Series Delivery

This is generally very easy for most, but sometimes it can be a little bit confusing. Once you have purchased a video series it is delivered via online access viewing (there is no download or shipped product), then please log in again to your account you created when you purchased the video series.

Once you have logged in, please navigate to “My Account” selected under the STORE menu tab.

Then select “Orders” from the links on the left. Then the VIEW button for each order, and in each order detail is the Link to the video series for video series you purchased. Please click on the provided video series URL page link inside your Order detail to access the video series page on this website.

If the video page does not appear, or the link to the video page is missing in your Order details, or says the page says “Access Denied” when you have already logged in, and have previously purchased this product, and still ended up on the Access Denied page, please contact the web administrator William Moulton: and provide your user name and email.