NMR is a simple process used to correct sequencing problems among muscles in complex coordination.   Because the body is a complex information system to have the clinical experience and discovery of a lifetime career passed down in a logical format or series of protocols is an extraordinary opportunity.   It will enable you to import this valuable tool to solve the majority of problems you see everyday with your clients.  It will also provide you with tools to solve the remaining problems for which there are no prescriptions or protocols, idiosyncratic injuries requiring an open and organized mind and willingness to not know.

Accomplishing NMR certification means that you have completed 4 weekends of training in the NMR protocol applied to the problems and structures of the whole body and have demonstrated a level of competence in your ability to assess and correct those problems incorporating NMR as a tool among your other tools.  You will also have passed an extensive written exam that demonstrates that you understand the anatomical and physiological and procedural rationale behind NMR.

Requirements for Certification:

NMR Therapist

  • 4 Modules of NMR:  Basic 72 hour certification series
  • Completion of a written exam and practicum with 75% passing grade.
  • Brain Function Tune Ups 18 hours
  • A recommendation to certification from your NMR teacher, an exam completed with 75% accuracy, 5 session REPORTS on 2 different clients

Advanced NMR Therapist

  • Beyond the basic NMR training there is an additional 30 hour Advanced NMR Training.
  • Completion of Advanced NMR expands your certification to Advanced NMR Therapist.
  • Completion of these additional Advanced Modules and assisting in at least one round of NMR basic through advanced classes will earn you the title of Advanced NMR Therapist.
  • No examination is required but a certification upon completion of coursework will be given. 

NMR Master Level

  • For those who wish to master the work… there are several specialized trainings in work with specific challenging problem areas such as Scoliosis, Cervical Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder and Hip Compression Issues.


NeuroMuscular Reprogramming reprograms the stored information governing coordinated movement. 

NMR addresses neuromuscular and musculo-skeletal dysfunctions at their source: in the motor coordination center of the brain.

NMR Mod 1 Intro – Protocols for Hips and Low Back

Mod 1 provides fast, easy corrections for complex coordination dysfunctions of the hips and low back. Correcting dysfunctional sequencing patterns among the muscles controlling movement and stabilization in these areas quickly restores proper biomechanics and range of motion, alleviating chronic and acute pain of the Gluteals, Hip Flexors, SIJ and Lumbar Spine. Mod 1 addresses “Military Spine”, excessive lordosis, sciatica, hip compression and more in a series of safe protocols, followed by corrective exercises to reinforce efficient use of the low back and hips.


NMR Mod 2 – Integrating Hips and Shoulders

Mod 2 presents quick and effective protocols to work with the organizational integrity between the hips and the big postural organizers of the shoulders, ie. Trapezius, Latissimus, Supraspinatus, Post Delt, and Anterior Serratus with the hips and low back. It includes a deeper look at Contralateral Coordination, Diagonal, Forward, Fack and Side Gaits. Local reprogramming of shoulder functions follows and is much easier following big system integration of hips to shoulders.


NMR Mod 3 – Flexor/Extensor Kinetic Chains and the Neck

A continuous sequence of muscular activity creates the beauty and power of the expression of the human body.

When these lines of force and movement become inhibited, we feel glitches and restrictions when sequencing a movement. In Mod 3 we learn to re-condition full and graceful movement top to bottom and front to back.

  • The Extensor Line from the eyebrows, down the back to the soles of the feet, is wired up neurologically with the body’s startle reflex. Fixations in this kinetic chain will refer into the felt sense of anxiety or fear or defensiveness, almost always out of conscious thought and control.
  • The Flexor Line, inhibited often by hyper-toned extensors, fails to balance those extensors, resulting in loss of height, increased spinal kyphosis/lordosis, and compression issues at the apexes of all the spine’s transitions such as the neck base and lumbo-sacral junction.

Flexibility in this flexor/extensor system is the Mission of Module 3 of NMR!

  • The Neck is the most vulnerable structure in the body, The myriad of small muscles regulating the delicate balance of all its moving parts can easily become damaged and entangled, putting pressure on vital nerves and drainage systems, compromising several of our regulatory systems: immune response, balance, fluid elimination and therefore the CSF pumps.
  • Learn a safe protocol for rebuilding support in the cervical spine for an immediate improvement in ROM.
  • Addressing body energy resources and readiness for change in the context of your treatment will enable your treatment to be noticeably more effective. There will be further discussion of kinesthetic tools available for accomplishing this.


NMR Mod 4 – Lateral Lines, Torsions, Spirals and Remote Relationships

NMR Mod 4 will explore relationships in the Coronal plane; all the connections from jaw and side of the neck to ankle.  It will follow kinetic chains through the arms and hands to reorganize arm and shoulder function. It will challenge your brain to think 3 dimensionally to consider the spiraling of forces translating upward against gravity and down in kinetic chains through our work world.

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