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NMR Certification

Requirements for Certification:

NMR Therapist 72 Hours

Accomplishing certification as an NMR Therapist means that you’ve completed 4 weekends of 18 hour training modules applying NMR protocols to reprogram the coordination of the whole body.

  • Modules 1 – 4 of NMR:  Basic certification series

  • Completion of a written exam and practicum:       75% passing grade

  • In lieu of an onsite Practicum, a recommendation to certification from your NMR teacher; an exam completed with 75% accuracy and a total of 6 sessions REPORTS, 3 sessions each on 2 different clients, written up.

Advanced NMR Therapist 102 Hours

  • Beyond the basic NMR training there is an additional 30 hour Advanced NMR Training.

  • Completion of Advanced NMR expands your certification to Advanced NMR Therapist.

  • Completion of these 2 additional Advanced Modules and assisting in at least one round of NMR basic classes will earn you the title Advanced NMR Therapist.

  • No examination is required but a certificate upon completion of coursework will be given. 

NMR Master Level

  • For those who wish to master the work… there are several specialized trainings in work with specific challenging problems such as Scoliosis, Cervical Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder and Hip Compression Issues. Each specialization is a 12 hour class.

  • Completion of 4 Specializations earns you the title of NMR Therapist Master Level.