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Position Yourself at the Top of Your Field with NMR: the Missing Link in Rehabilitation

NMR works with the Body’s Organizational Intelligence to reprogram the patterns governing coordinated movement.


A Revolution in Bodywork for your Health

Learn from the source. Jocelyn Olivier developed NMR over 40 years of clinical practice and teaching.

Following a simple protocol for finding reactive muscles and dysfunctional muscle sequencing problems, incorporating all she learned along the way about muscle/meridian/organ correspondence, her fascination with figuring things out and fixing things led to finding more and more functional relationships to add to the NMR inquiry.

About Us

NMR Education and Certification

We teach and certify practitioners in a thorough structural bodywork system used to assess and correct imbalances in coordination. 

It reprograms coordination dysfunctions at their source, in the brain, where all our coordination programs and strategies are stored. NMR complements your other bodywork modalities and is the perfect adjunct to Chiropractic, PT and Sports Injury care.


NMR Practice Benefits

Neuromuscular Reprogramming education includes four in-depth training modules, plus additional complimentary skills in general diagnostics and treatment skills for conditions such as Scoliosis.

As an NMR Therapist, you will have completed 4 weekends of training in the NMR protocol applied to the problems and structures of the whole body; and have demonstrated a level of competence in your ability to assess and correct those problems incorporating NMR as a tool amongst your other tools.

Mod 1: Protocols for Hips and Low Back

NMR provides fast, easy corrections for complex coordination dysfunctions of the hips and low back.

Correcting poor sequencing among the muscles controlling movement and stabilization in these areas quickly restores proper biomechanics and range of motion, alleviating chronic and acute pain of the Gluteals, SIJ and Lumbar Spine.

Learn safe protocols to address sacroiliac joint pain, hip pain, “Military Spine”, excessive lordosis, sciatica, and more.

Mod 2: Integrating Hips and Shoulders

Mod 2 presents quick and effective protocols to work with the organizational integrity between hip and shoulder functions.

It includes a deeper look at Contralaterals, Diagonals, forward, back and side Gaits, and the functional integration between the hips and low back and the big movers of the shoulders.

Local reprogramming of all shoulder functions follows, and is accomplished much more easily following big system integration.

Mod 3: Kinetic Chains and the Neck

In Mod 3 we learn to recondition full and graceful movement top to bottom and front to back.

Apply the NMR protocols to resolving sequencing problems among the muscles responsible for flexion and extension from head to foot.

A continuous sequence of muscular activity creates the beauty and power of the expression of the human body. When these lines of force and movement become inhibited, we feel glitches and restrictions when sequencing a movement.

Mod 4: Lateral Lines, Torsions, Spirals and Remote Relationships

Mod 4 will challenge your brain to think three-dimensionally to consider the spiraling of forces translating upward against gravity.

From your right ankle to your left ear, some predictable and common, and some buried under years of compensation.

It is vitally important that we learn how to analyze the significant details of injury and subsequent use patterns to resolve remote muscle relationships in our clients. Mod 4 works with relationships on the Coronal plane, following kinetic chains and common compensations among them.

  • “NMR is a true innovation in the field of bodywork and physical therapy.” 

    Jerry Goynias PT, Medical Massage School, Raleigh, NC.
  • “Big thanks for your inspiring insights on muscle testing! Your teaching has led me to adopt what I now call Motor Control Activation Testing (MCAT) in my practice. Using the term muscle testing in the PT world gets confused with strength testing. MCAT moves beyond traditional muscle testing, focusing not on strength but on the intricate relationship between muscles and the nervous system. This shift towards understanding neuromuscular coordination in a more holistic way has been a game-changer for me in patient care.”

    Robert Shapiro DPT
  • “As both a client and a referring pain management professional, I have observed remarkable progress and musculoskeletal pain relief through NMR. It can provide a real sense of progress and new hope to chronic pain patients.”

    Sande Kiriluk, MFT
  • “The changes and advances that I have been witnessing in my clients are really quite exciting, to them as well.  I am so inundated with work that I have had to make a statement on my website to the effect that at the present time I am not accepting new clients. ”

    Ellie Smith, Lebanon, Missouri
  • “I have taken the whole 72 hr. NMR professional training. NMR helped me to connect the concepts together and that has added tremendous excitement to my work every day.”

    Mila Hutchinson, San Francisco, California
  • “With the 2 years of experience in bodywork that I have personally…. it’s the only work that’s truly helped correct mechanical dysfunctions in my body!”

    Patricia Gallivan LMT Riding Instructor, North Carolina
  • “I have learned a lot from the NMR courses that I have taken with you and it has been the best money I have spent on education; well worth it. I have been using it on a regular bases and it opens up a lot opportunities for me. Thank you.”

    Dmitriy Gmyr, Physical Trainer
  • “Taking NMR was everything I thought it would be. Jocelyn Olivier has over 40 years of experience creating and refining NeuroMuscular Reprogramming NMR.”

    Lionel Martin, Madison, WI
  • “NMR has definitely made a big difference in my capacity to have results for my clients in my practice, and has given me access to finding innovative and effective solutions for my clients. As a direct result of the NMR training, I now have the capacity to see with new eyes and comprehend and correct structural imbalances in my clients.”

    Patricia Hatfield
  • “Your work/teachings have contributed SO much to my life, and through my offerings, to the well-being of hundreds more over the past 12 years. The extent of your reach is immense. I hope to return for more classes again soon.”

  • “Wish I had this knowledge 10 or 20 years ago. The level of supervision/teaching assistance was extraordinary! It was as if we had our own teaching assistant right there with us in the room in person. I am a very big proponent of NMR, And I really wish I had this knowledge 10 or 20 years ago!” 

    Mary Luckey PT
  • “Einstein of the massage profession! She provides to the massage profession an equivalence of what Einstein provided to physics.”

    Michael Koplen DC

    “NMR is a true innovation
    in the field of bodywork
    and physical therapy.”
                                Jerry Goynias PT

    Get long-lasting results where
    other modalities leave off.
    Work with strategy, not force.