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Strategy, Not Force

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming, or NMR, is an elegant and efficient protocol for figuring out and correcting the coordination dysfunctions that cause most musculo-skeletal pain, joint misalignment and degeneration. It can be done clothed or in the context of your regular bodywork practice. It fits inside your other modalities and increases the effectiveness of your work.

When You Add NMR to Your Practice

  • Never be bored again.

  • Have every session be creative and different as you progress your clients toward the solutions they are looking for.

  • Get faster, more complete results for your challenging clients.

  • Learn to work with the body’s organizational intelligence to get quick results. Design a program of simple self-help follow up after each session to speed your clients’ recovery.

  • Have a protocol for figuring out even the most complex of coordination sequencing problems.

  • Injury based damaged coordination patterns are uniquely configured and don’t follow the rules of functional biomechanics or postural support relationships.

  • Be deeply effective without the wear and tear on your hands and arms.
    The body works with you when you structure your sessions as a dynamic conversation with the living intelligence of a constantly adapting system.

  • Re-educate as you move quickly toward freedom from pain, increased ROM, improved tissue mobility without the effort.


Neuromuscular Reprogramming: The Missing Link