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Niantic Healing Arts

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Niantic, Connecticut, USA

Lisa Steinberg, LMT, CHT
Owner and Director of Niantic Healing Arts

Lisa has been a healing arts practitioner and facilitator since 1992.  She specializes in Energywork, Somatic Bodywork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Bodywork for Chronic Pain Relief, and more.

Lisa's began a career and life change in 1990 with studies in Massage Therapy and Advanced Bodywork at Alive & Well!  The Institute of Conscious Bodywork in San Anselmo, California.  She was fortunate to study with Jocelyn Oliver, one of the foremost experts in the field of Somatic Bodywork (mind/body connection), an influence that continues to inspire her.

Lisa continued her studies with Margo Bearheart in Santa Rosa, California.  There she studied several levels of Medicine Ways and Subtle Energy Medicine, the work of Roselyn Bruyere.  In addition, Lisa completed training in clinical hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery with Marilyn Gordon at the Institute of Transformational Healing in Oakland, California.

Lisa has studied with various teachers from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies in Marin, California and actively practices and teaches Integrated Energy Therapy.

Lisa brings her many years of experience in the healing arts, as well as her own experience on the path of healing and enlightenment.  She brings a heart centered approach to her private practice as well as classes

Contact Information
Full Name: Lisa Steinberg
Business Name: Niantic Healing Arts
Phone 1: 860-303 0774

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