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NMR Practitioner

Niko Nishimine

  • Mod 1 NMR Practitioner
  • Mod 2 NMR Practitioner
  • Mod 3 NMR Practitioner
  • Mod 4 NMR Practitioner
Nicasio, California, USA

Being a healer has been a life-long ambition of Niko’s. At the age of 17 he graduated with over 600 hours of training. He has since been practicing massage and NMR for seven years.

After briefly working with other establishments Niko returned to work at Healus “for the love of more meaningful bodywork and the great learning opportunity of working with Jocelyn.”

Niko espouses the Healus philosophy of continually striving for new tools to advance clients’ healing process and the field of bodywork. He is a gifted practitioner and also assists with teaching NMR at Healus.

On his “spare time” Niko sings and plays guitar.

Contact Information
Full Name: Niko Nishimine
Phone 1: 415-595-1456

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