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NMR Courses

NMR Courses

The basic protocol used in NMR to decode coordination sequencing problems is very simple.  The body however, is very complex.

Mastering problem solving with NMR will take an amount of time inversely proportionate with the amount of time you invest in using it.

In learning NMR, first you learn the basic protocol then, in the 72 hour professional training, you learn the 4 main principles of problem solving with NMR in an orderly fashion from most simple to most complex:

  • Core to Extremities
  • Reciprocal Inhibition
  • Kinetic Chains
  • Remote Relationships

In clinical application these principles are layered with one another to solve the unique tangles that the human body can develop as residual effects from overuse, misuse and injury.  NMR gives you the key to problem solving in new territory.  It makes you the Sherlock Holmes of bodyworkers.

Becoming skillful with it is a fascinating process. NMR asks you to think differently than you have before about how to approach the problems you see.  Rather than finding a tight muscular element and loosening it up using any number of techniques, you will want to figure out who that tight muscle is trying to help. Before tearing down the body’s best strategy to do what you want it to do, it needs a better strategy and more support introduced.  When that support is provided, tension patterns are easy to release; pain dissolves in minutes.

Several levels of programming lead you to a certification in NeuroMuscular Reprogramming. Beyond that Continuing Education is available in specific topic areas such as Sciatica, Scoliosis, Advanced NMR for the Neck, Frozen Shoulder, and Hip Compression Issues.

A team of experienced teachers are available to bring NMR to your neighborhood.  

“NMR is a true innovation in the field of bodywork and physical therapy.”

Jerry Goynias PT, Medical Massage School, Raleigh, NC.

“I’ve been having a grand time! The changes and advances that I have been witnessing in my clients are really quite exciting, to them as well.  I am so inundated with work that I have had to make a statement on my website to the effect that at the present time I am not accepting new clients.  I raised my price too — no one complains.  They just pay more and keep coming… In my wildest dreams I never thought I would get to this point.”

Ellie Smith, Lebanon, Missouri

“I have taken an NKT level one workshop and the whole 72 hr. NMR professional training. In my opinion, this is such a sophisticated piece of work that it requires a more detailed approach.  I found that in the NMR training.  NKT was not detailed enough for me to grasp the concepts.  Why/How this principle or that principle worked was not at all apparent, so it was challenging to use in my massage practice. NMR helped me to connect the concepts together and that has added tremendous excitement to my work every day. I also appreciated the smaller class size, because it allowed me to have a lot of access to the instructor.”   Mila Hutchinson SF.