Dynamic Releases Video Series




The best results in NeuroMuscular Reprogramming are accomplished with Active Facilitated Releases (AFR).  We call these Dynamic Releases because they engage the motor system while releasing a compensation.

AFR releases the compensation pattern while activating an appropriate antagonist to assist in the effectiveness of the release; developing a preferred strategy simultaneously with effectuating a deeper layer of tissue release and reprogramming. They are the fast track to making long lasting changes in coordination.

NMR teaches a simple protocol that enables any bodywork practitioner, physical therapist, DC, DO fitness professional or movement educator to investigate potential sequencing errors in the motor coordination system. The process also corrects those sequencing errors as you find them. It is a detailed, thorough, elegant protocol that gets quick results, enabling clients to resume favorite physical activities or return to work sooner.

NMR teaches the structural relationships and the protocol for reprogramming coordination. The tissue release techniques you use is up to you.  Here now on video are some of my favorites for those hard to release places..

Dynamic Releases give you a deeply effective way to change the default strategy.

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