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  • Brain Injury Awareness Month: Did you know? 03/19/2019
    Traumatic Brain Injuries are treatable. • Most people experience full recovery. • A TBI is an injury event like a broken bone or a torn muscle—the sooner you get checked out, the sooner you can get ...
  • ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ Actually Begins In Our Brains 03/05/2019
    Sudden onslaughts of intense emotion can in some cases rapidly weaken the heart’s muscle cells, allowing the left ventricle to balloon outwards. The distended organ looks uncannily similar to a ...
  • Space changes your brain in bigger ways than we thought 01/30/2019
    Loss of bone and muscle mass, distortions on eyeball size and function ... A new study published in JAMA Neurology this week provides more concerning details on how spaceflight changes the brain. The ...

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