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Carolyn Ehringhaus

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222 St. John Street, Suite 242, Portland, Maine, USA 04102

Body Tuning Neuromuscular Massage

Carolyn Ehringhaus

Insurance billing provided for:
Clients who have a massage therapy benefit
Workers' Compensation claims
Claims related to automobile accidents

My academic training includes a Ph.D. from Syracuse University, a Master's degree from Harvard University, and a BA from McGill University. For many years, I worked in the field of education, with a focus on literacy and disability.  Following my M.Ed., my husband and I moved to New Zealand, and I taught reading to middle school Maori students in an economically poor, isolated community. Upon returning to the U.S., we moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. I developed a pilot program in adult basic education for adults who had various types of disabilities. During this time, I wrote many grants, developed and supervised programs, taught reading, learned to communicate proficiently in American Sign Language, and increasingly became fascinated with learning disabilities as I met intelligent adults who had been shunted aside by the educational system. After many years, I decided that it was time to return to graduate school to pursue formal training in psycho-educational assessment. Upon attaining my Ph.D., I worked at the university level, developing and directing academic programs to assist students in meeting post-secondary literacy and  numeracy demands.

In 2004, change-of-life events resulted in a move to Portland, Maine. I decided to pursue my longstanding interest in health and emerging interest in anatomy and enrolled in New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts' program in massage therapy. At the time, I had no idea that my one-year program of study would mark the beginning of a new professional and educational venture. Continuing education has been a nourishing and essential component of my current work. My primary area of continued study has focused on treating acute or chronic pain.  Thanks to the internet, there is no end to new information regarding research and practice. Seminars, blogs, and videos continue to fill my 'to do' list.

When I am not working or studying, I enjoy walking in the woods with my Australian shepherd, practicing Iynegar yoga and Vipassana meditation, participating in strength/cardio/mobility classes (i.e., from swinging a kettlebell to scurrying across a floor on all fours), venturing out into Maine's incredible ocean via kayak, skiing on our local cross-country trails, sampling Portland's culinary pleasures, tending my vegetable garden during warmer months, and spending time with my husband and college-age son.   

Continuing Education in massage therapy

Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR): NMR allows practitioners to identify and correct dysfunctional postural and movement patterns stored by the brain's motor control center.  NMR  uses nuanced palpation and observation along with muscle testing to identify muscle activation patterns and both inter- and intra-muscle activation relationships underlying compensation patterns.  Goals include relieving chronic pain, hastening recovery from acute injuries, restoring optimal movement, and improving athletic performance.

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT®): NKT® is used to assess and treat painful conditions by examining specific musculoskeletal compensations that may exist throughout the body. NKT® is based on motor control theory and draws from diverse authors such as Gray Cook, Tom Myers, and Vladimir Janda.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA): SFMA seminars teach both a "top tier" screen of basic neurodevelopmental movement patterns as well a method of examining component parts of each pattern.  This, in turn, helps to distinguish between soft tissue and joint mobility issues as compared to lack of motor control or postural stability.

Myopain SeminarsManual Trigger Point Therapy seminars function as an advanced form of neuromuscular and anatomy training and include a specific emphasis on pain sciences and research.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)NMT is effective for treating chronic and acute muscular strain/pain syndromes.  NMT treatments allow the therapist to identify and treat specific areas of muscles that create and/or sustain pain cycles.  

Orthopedic MassageOrthopedic massage training focuses on clinical decision-making and assessment skills along with matching the physiology of injury to correct treatment approaches. In addition to my certification program from Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute, I also studied orthopedic pain management with James Waslaski, national trainer and owner of the Center for Pain Management in Texas.

Sports & Myofascial Massage: CORE Myofascial Therapy includes techniques for addressing muscles and fascia. I have also studied myofascial and clinical techniques with Bob King, national trainer, author, and cofounder of the Chicago School of Massage.

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)The Mattes Method is based on the theory of "reciprocal inhibition" and helps to promote free range of motion.  Stretches require active participation of the client, with brief (1-2 second holds) at end range in order to avoid the negative effects of passive over-stretching.

Oncology Massage: Taught by Tracy Walton, one of the pioneers in the  field of oncology massage. I was a member of the Mercy Hospital Oncology Massage team from 2006 - 2009.  During this time, I participated in an NIH-funded project to promote primary caregiver's use of touch with those who have cancer.

Intra-oral techniques: Including continuing education offered by UNH; study with Tom Myers (author of Anatomy Trains and founder of KMI, a school of structural integration); the Neuromuscular Center of Florida, and Myopain Seminars.

KinesiotapingKinesiotape can be used to complement/prolong the effects of soft tissue treatment.

Face Massage: This technique has been effective for clients who have sinus issues and/or facial strain and helps to promote deep relaxation.

Contact Information
Full Name: Carolyn Ehringhaus
Phone 1: 207-899-8142

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