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NMR Practitioner

Monica Montoya

  • Mod 1 Advanced NMR Practitioner
  • Mod 2 Advanced NMR Practitioner
  • Mod 3 Advanced NMR Practitioner
  • Mod 4 Advanced NMR Practitioner
California, USA, California, USA
Walnut Creek, CA, USA, USA

Muscle Movement Therapy's mission is to improve quality of lives by encouraging a proactive approach to achieving one's optimal health & fitness goals. Don't wait until a dysfunction appears to enhance your movement. Whether you're receiving Bodywork, Massage, Ergonomic, Pilates, or Personal Training - Dance, Bike Skills, indoors or outdoors. Every body is different and will respond to different techniques to achieve wellness. Together, you and your Movement Therapist will create a personal program that is Designed to enhance what YOU love to do in life!

Muscle Movement Therapy (MMT) specializes in Corrective Exercise Design, Personal Training, Bodywork, Massage, Ergonomic Consulting, as well as Pilates Mat, Reformer Training, Dance, and Bike Skills instruction.

Bodywork, Massage Specialties offered consist of Therapeutic Soft Tissue, Deep Tissue, Sport, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Reprogramming, Hot Stones, Lomilomi, and Thai Medical Bodywork. Together, you and your Movement Therapist will agree on the appropriate technique to help you reach your individual fitness and wellness goals. 

Monica, founder of Muscle Movement Therapy, has spent years honing in her skills while never giving up on her passions. With an extensive background and versatile style, she is adamant about helping you create a fitness program Designed to enhance what YOU love to do in life!

"I am grateful to be able to help others alleviate pain, alter structure, muscle restrictions, and body composition while they learn a proactive approach to healing and overall fitness. I've always found happiness sharing my passion for movement. Whether it be through Bodywork, Ergonomics, Personal, or Pilates Training; cycling, hiking, rock climbing, snow skiing, or dancing. I will always lead by example, while inspiring you to never give up moving in whichever way feeds your soul!"


Monica has a lifetime of experience and love for movement. Her 20+ years of combined education and professional work experiences in movement has enhanced, informed, and energized her own life as she continues to cultivate and share her passion for outdoor sports, ethnic dance, and alternative health techniques. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology with an emphasis in Kinesiology, completing well over 1,000 hours studying combined Western and Eastern techniques in Fitness, Bodywork, and Massage Therapy. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Bodyworker, Licensed Massage Therapist, Specialist in Health & Ergonomics, Reconditioning, Personal and a Pilates Trainer. She has worked in the Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Corporate, and Fitness fields.



Monica graduated from Hayward State University with a Bachelor's in Biology. Since then, she has been practicing Bodywork, Massage, accumulating a well-rounded 'Certified Massage Therapy' (CMT), 'Conscious Bodywork' (CBW), and 'Neuromuscular Reprogramming' (NMR) Certification from Healus Center in Marin while continuing Certifications through 'Neurokinetic Technique'. Most recently, moved back to the Bay Area from Hawaii, she has been learning the Hawaiin massage, Lomilomi as well as continuing her formal ethnic dance training through Tahitian Dance. She is a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant, Certified with National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). Monica has worked with Physical Therapists  in outpatient and inpatient settings, Chiropractors, and has been practicing Pilates holding Mat, Reformer, Corrective Exercise, and Pilates/Yoga Certifications through Balanced Body University. Monica has spent 3 years as an Ergonomic and Fitness Specialist where she provided Ergonomic Consulting, Workstation Evaluations, and Job Specific Coaching in a fortune 500 company. She continues Consultations for companies and individuals. She served on an all women's mountain bike team for four years while coaching women to ride mountain bikes and raising money for educating the public on breast cancer prevention. Monica has been racing mountain bikes and  performing Middle Eastern Dance professionally while teaching in various studios for 20+ years. She recently moved from Honolulu, Hawaii and is excited to share the Aloha with her native community in Oakland, California, and the greater Bay Area. All to cultivate MOVEMENT in whichever way feeds one's individual needs.


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