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VIP Bodywork & Education

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1360 N Kimball Ave, suite 140, Southlake, Texas, USA 76092
Everyone's a Very Important Person! Let us show you the VIP Standard of Bodywork.

Matthew Moulds, A.M.M.P. L.M.T. M.T.I. Orthopedic/Neuromuscular Therapist

In 2006, Matt began his career in Massage Therapy and Bodywork and continues to learn techniques and research year-round for pain management. He loves to learn, constantly exceeding expectations is his passion. Skilled in Neuromuscular and structural assessment as well as orthopedic testing allows him to quickly find the pain to eliminate it from the root. His own healing journey and love for health and wellness began at a young age as he was very athletic and pushed his body to its limits. From being a baseball player to a professional dancer, Matt understands PAIN and the importance of education to empower the client on how to prevent and reverse it from their own lives. Matt dreams of changing the massage industry in a positive way and making it on the Massage Hall of Fame one day. He is truly honored to get the opportunity to make a difference in everyone's lives.

Matt's specialty is scoliosis and anyone that uses GRAVITY, also able to tackle any puzzle you bring including but not limited too: headaches, TMJ,  nerve entrapment like sciatica, bulges or herniations, slipped disk, any joint pain, even frozen shoulder and that knot that just won't go away! As Owner and Partner of VIP Bodywork and Education, Matt's dream is to change the industry and to make a radical change in everyone's life.

Advanced Medical Massage

Medical Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles and joints. It is used to break down knots and relieve pressure points throughout the body at the source. This treatment is beneficial for anyone that experiences GRAVITY. 

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

The goal of Orthopedic Massage is to assess and treat complicated condition's. With Orthopedic Manual Therapy treatments, we are able to filter what is going on within the tissue's with precision to find relief fast. Again, beneficial because everyone experiences gravity.  

Last But Not Least....

Neuromuscular Reprogramming and Dynamic Neuromuscular Assessment

Filtration systems for kinetic chains of muscle energy to find the source of your pain FAST! Assessment based treatments that uncover the deceptions of the bio-mechanical systems unlocking your bodies potential to fully repair and auto-regulate homeostasis. Using these filtration systems in conjunction with Muscle Energy Techniques, Advanced Medical and Orthopedic Massage Therapy I am certain I can make a massive CHANGE in your life.

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Full Name: Matthew David Moulds
Business Name: VIP Bodywork and Education
Phone 1: 9728223659
Phone 2: 9729654253
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