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How Does NeuroMuscular Reprogramming Work? 

What is NeuroMuscular Reprogramming?

NMR is an approach to structural bodywork which engages the motor control center of the brain to rewrite the motor programs governing coordinated movement.
Muscle tension is the result of dysfunctional coordination patterns where one or more muscles are overworking to compensate for a lack or weakness somewhere else. The tense muscles are stuck in the “on” position while the inhibited muscles are concurrently stuck in the “off” position. Resolving these imbalances is the work of NeuroMuscular Reprogramming (NMR).

How Do We Reprogram the Motor Coordination Center?

Using applied kinesiology, applying 5 to 10 pounds of pressure and asking for an equivalent resistance, an NMR practitioner can locate the failed muscles responsible for chronic tension. This process of muscle testing engages not only the neuromuscular pathways specific to the muscle being tested, but also “lights up” associated muscles working to brace or compensate for any inhibition of the motor pathways. The brain is “cued” for reprogramming a new coordination option.   (when shortening, cut here with a hot link to the blog)
The reprogramming is accomplished by testing a series of muscles and muscle functions. Utilizing the practitioner’s choice of advanced muscle treatment techniques, the muscle causing the inhibition by being stuck in a state of chronic contraction is released. The testing series is then repeated to challenge and anchor the functionality of all muscles involved. When a muscle can repeatedly perform a test without failing in sequence with others, it is considered reprogrammed. 

Pain Free Movement Can Be Right Around the Corner…

This simple process results in pain free movement and postural support within a very brief period of time. Adding Neuromuscular Reprogramming to any other muscle release technique can double the speed with which a client regains free movement  Residual effects from injuries that have persisted for 10 years or more are relieved within as little as one session. . 
Depending on the complexity of a condition, results can be immediate or require a series of treatments accompanied by gradual improvements before the client is pain free. 

Try NMR for Fast Relief

NMR is useful in speeding recovery from acute injury such as whiplash and sprains, relieving residual chronic effects of past injuries, handling postural distortions such as scoliosis, and enhancing athletic performance.  When your body is experiencing postural or functional pain, try NMR for fast relief.

What is NMR?

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