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Experience the VASPER System – efficient, safe, rapid conditioning!

Dear Colleagues:

The enclosed flyer announces what promises to be an advancement in the field of rehabilitation for those whose poor conditioning is affecting their metabolism and safety. It unifies several features to create a conditioning environment that builds muscle mass quickly in a safe and time efficient way.

The Vasper System boosts metabolism, builds muscle, and limits the overheating of muscles that contributes to O2 loss and longer recovery times accompanied by sore muscles. Vasper acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, keeping O2 in the muscle where it is used to quickly manufacture more energy for maximum muscle output.

It is currently being utilized in medical offices, in fitness centers, and training environments with sports teams and the military. The results in boosting testosterone and growth hormone have been astonishing. Vasper has even produced unexpected benefits with post concussive patients. I include one such testimonial below.

A Vasper Story –

“Since using Vasper I’ve rarely had a headache, and my depression, outbursts, and isolation have improved. I’ve regained physical stamina, muscle mass, and begun to lose the weight I’d gained as a side effect of taking meds. I know that treating PCS was not your intention, but I am forever grateful. I feel alive again.” K. M., R I

My own story of immediate results in energy production and increased muscle mass within a VERY short time (after trying numerous other more familiar ways to restore my strength and failing) has created the impulse to acquire this workout system to share with others who, like me, have fallen below the black hole event horizon of the need to recondition and the inability to do so due to lack of energy or joint vulnerability.

We hope you take advantage of us soon, both Vasper and NMR will be invaluable to you! You are welcome to call and make an appointment to check it out for free. The front office line is 415 388 9945.

Jocelyn Olivier
Founder, Director
Healus Center

An efficient, safe, rapid conditioning system that can produce dramatic changes in just 30 minutes 2 times a week

First session is FREE!
So nothing to lose…just give it a try.

Vasper is based on three scientifically proven principles – compression technology, cooling and interval training. When all principles are working together, the results are extraordinary.

Compression and cooling create the effect of a high intensity (anaerobic) exercise without the time, effort, and muscle damage it takes to achieve the same results with conventional exercise. Instead of feeling tired and sore, Vasper leaves you energized and rejuvenated, alleviating your body aches and pains.

The goal with Vasper is to minimally stress the muscles, still triggering a systemic recovery response. This new, patented health and rehabilitation technology stimulates the natural production of anabolic hormones, which have wide-ranging health, rehabilitation and performance benefits.

Individual Vasper sessions $50
Buy a Prepaid Package of 10 and save 20% ~ $40 each session!  Maximize your strength and metabolic efficiency… Buy a package of 20 ~ $30 per session.

Obtain a Gift Certificate. Send one to a friend.

Schedule your FREE first session today! Ask about contraindications when you call.

The first week I ever worked with Vasper I noticed an immediate pick up in my capacity for energy output. My legs were stronger and more stable walking up stairs. I had been using the words ‘bone tired’ about how my legs felt walking upstairs. They had also been very unstable and I was holding on to handrails to steady myself. Now I feel like I did in my 40’s, and wouldn’t think of using a hand rail to walk down stairs.”  – Jocelyn Olivier, Director of Healus Neuro Rehab Center

Vasper’s Low Impact NuStep T5XR

A perfect conditioning environment for people who are recuperating from musculoskeletal issues and haven’t been able to exercise and have lost muscle tone because of it.

Optimize your Vasper conditioning experience. Have a mini NMR tune up in conjunction with your workout. ~ Put your NMR corrections to work immediately.

Build muscle mass fast
Increase strength
Accelerate conditioning
Protect your joints
Enhance energy and stamina
Reduce inflammatory effects
Diminish joint pain
Raise mood and mental clarity
Reduce stress
Improve sleep
Boost balance

See VASPER in action 

Safe for All Ages.
Schedule your FREE first session today!  

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