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The #1 Mistake Even Smart Women Make When Trying to Get Pregnant

It’s frustrating to try different paths to conception and not be successful.

It can be confusing to read so much conflicting research and still not have the answers you’re looking for.

It can be overwhelming to make all the decisions yourself, without the right team in your corner.

Here is THE most common mistake that leads to infertility:  Unknown Fertility Functionality 

Lacking optimal physical alignment and circulation for reproductive health can be a significant inhibition to fertility.

Some women feel healthy in general, but may not know they have structural inhibitions that are limiting circulation to their reproductive organs and the surrounding tissues. These circulatory issues can prevent conception and carrying to term. Mercier Therapy has helped many women get pregnant.

40% of women have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. If you compile this with miscarriage, secondary infertility, known structural or pelvic pain concerns, it becomes pertinent to address a woman’s body holistically.

Before taking aggressive prescriptions like Clomid or invasive measures like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), consider the body’s natural ability to align and heal, when given therapeutic support.  Most reproductive health offices do not offer gyno-visceral therapies that can significantly address underlying factors of unexplained infertility. WE DO.

What are clients saying about Mercier Therapy?

I did Mercier Therapy with Bee for 6 sessions. It’s a deep pelvic organ visceral manipulation to help restore movement and blood flow to the reproductive organs to improve fertility. During the first session, it was clear I needed help – every area felt really uncomfortable and tender. I could feel it getting better every single session. Then at the last session, everything she did that used to feel painful and uncomfortable actually felt good!! It was hard to believe. I’ve never experienced my body in this way. In addition to being strong and very skilled at what she does, Bee is a kind, loving spirit who obviously loves what she does. She brings such warmth, care and compassion to each session.  She’s been a big source of support and I’m so glad I found her. I highly recommend her. – Alison N.

There’s more to learn about fertility. To learn more about how to optimize fertility through biomechanical tissue manipulation interventions call Bee Uytiepo, Certified Mercier Therapist at the Healus Neuro Rehab Center (415) 388-9945 for a consultation or email


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