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Tuballz: Real Solutions for Low Back and Hip Pain

Want an easy and effective solution for back pain that you can do at home? Try Tuballz, a handy tool that will help you reprogram your hips and lower back.

Getting out of pain demands a new level of functionality, not just loosening up. Tuballz will help you do that…

The Common Story of Back Pain
Weakness in the back muscles causes the hips to tighten up to support upper body activities. Tight hips can cause sciatic pain and a twisted pelvis and knee pain, even shoulder pain. Dysfunctional back muscles cause hip, knee, ankle, foot, and even shoulder pain.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t working right. Muscles that are too tight are achey and painful. Muscles that are weak are sore, another kind of painful. Joints that don’t move correctly are painful. Correcting the motor patterns governing coordinated movement causes pain to diminish or disappear.

Exercise and conditioning alone will not strengthen a muscle that is inhibited or weak. Inhibited muscles do not receive neurological messages when they are sent. Exercising them develops good compensation patterns. It will help but not correct the problem.

“We keep Tuballz on our bedside table to use to loosen up before getting out of bed.  We had to buy 2 because we both use them – and travel with them.” – Dr. Suki and Russell Munsell

Ready to start? You can purchase Tuballz on our website, which includes a comprehensive how-to video you can use in the comfort of your home!

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming® and the use of Tuballz will correct the movement coordination dysfunctions causing most low back and hip pain. Take your BodyWork knowledge to the next level and learn with Jocelyn Olivier in her upcoming NMR Module 1 classes starting this September in Mill Valley, Dallas TX, and East Brunswick NJ. Information on each class can be found here.

The Healus Neuro Rehab Center, located in Mill Valley, CA, is dedicated to working with you on your body’s neuromuscular and neurological dysfunctions. Not quite sure if our clinic is right for you? Come on in for a FREE 1/2 hour NeuroMuscular Assessment with director Jocelyn Olivier, CMT MBW. To schedule an appointment, fill out our intake form ( or give us a call at (415) 388 9945

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